From Sandra and Steve, France

01 January 2020

Sandra and Steve, France

We always loved France - visited many areas. Friend bought a house in Aude - we borrowed, getting to know and love the area. In 2006 we bough a holiday home and in 2013 a permanent home. We moved from Dundee, Scotland in 2013 (we had passed a happy 30 years there). Now, living in a small village (c. 200 pop) about 1/3 socialise together regularly - Scots, English, Irish, Dutch, Belgians, Germans and - of course - French. The international relationships are fantastic and we are all warmly welcomed by the French. Everyone is knowledgeable about and interested in UK politics. All say Brexit is crazy/ they are sorry to see UK go/ look forward to Scotland joining very soon. All in all life is great. We're not coming back any time soon!

Love from Sandra & Steve