From Sandra and Steve, France

01 January 2020

Sandra and Steve, France

We always loved France - visited many areas. Friend bought a house in Aude - we borrowed, getting to know and love the area. In 2006 we bough a holiday home and in 2013 a permanent home. We moved from Dundee, Scotland in 2013 (we had passed a happy 30 years there). Now, living in a small village (c. 200 pop) about 1/3 socialise together regularly - Scots, English, Irish, Dutch, Belgians, Germans and - of course - French. The international relationships are fantastic and we are all warmly welcomed by the French. Everyone is knowledgeable about and interested in UK politics. All say Brexit is crazy/ they are sorry to see UK go/ look forward to Scotland joining very soon. All in all life is great. We're not coming back any time soon!

Love from Sandra & Steve

This postcard is one of several collated as part of collaboration between Dr Michaela Benson and the Migration Museum. A selection of these appears in the Postcards from the British in Europe installation in Departures, the museum's current exhibition exploring four centuries of emigration from Britain, bringing Britain’s emigration story and its emigrants into the national conversation about migration