Brexit Testimonies

07 October 2019

Lesley in Spain

"I will never again feel I truly belong in Europe, despite the overwhelming kindness and sympathy of European friends." 

Although the Spanish King and other European governments have passed decrees and laws which are aimed to protect aspects of our status after 2020, they are expecting the British Government to reciprocate  At this late stage there is none.

I will never again feel I truly belong in Europe, despite the overwhelming kindness and sympathy of European friends.

I came back to Europe from Canada on the death of my husband, to live with my mother in Malta.  She was widowed and alone in a foreign country and I am was an only child.

I have been living in Malta since 1989.  I also spent time in Spain, I am a Spanish graduate and have always loved the country.  In 2006 I bought myself a pad there where I spend the winter and a few weeks in the summer. 

Many friends in Malta have sadly died and I have a better social life in Spain.  After Brexit I think I will only be allowed 3 months a year in Spain, instead  of 6, not much if you own a property and want to enjoy it.  So Brexit will really mess up my usual pattern of life. 

I am, therefore, thinking of moving to Spain and am taking advice.  I think that will mean totally rethinking my investment arrangements.  The advice is expensive, and the move could be more so.  I feel totally unsettled.

I am also stressed out by the horrible atmosphere which has developed among the Brits.  One half seems to hate Europeans, or rather speaks of Germans or French in a very impolite way, even on occasion with contempt.  We are no better than them. 

Not once in over three years, mixing with all nationalities in work and play, have I ever heard an impolite or disrespectful comment about we Brits.  I myself have been made to feel “suspect” or almost treasonous in the eyes of some Brits, as I have lived in Europe so long that I can no longer be considered trustworthy or patriotic.  This is very hurtful and depressing.

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