Brexit Testimonies

10 November 2017

David in Brittany

"It has not been easy, especially for my wife, but we are slowly getting there linguistically."

We holidayed in rural Brittany for 3 years - within 1km of where we now live - whilst I was working in Brussels. The area was similar to the small town in Oxfordshire where we lived in the UK. However, the overall calmness and competence of the society was a contrast.

Having run a successful Buy to Rent portfolio for some years and seen government policy undermine all those people "doing the right thing" we saw life in France could offer a better quality for our family. The price of French property was the clinching factor.

We identified a property that would offer us the space and opportunity (4 Gites to be developed) and fulfill a lifetime ambition for me. This was spurred by concerns that UK primary and secondary education did not seem to meet the needs of our children.

It has not been easy, especially for my wife, but we are slowly getting there linguistically. The children are thriving in school, within smaller classes, a dedicated teaching team, and are bilingual a good thing. Meanwhile, we are strongly integrated to the community.

As such we are now extremely happy with our position here and our family. It was a big move we are glad we made the choice.

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It’s not fair, we didn’t vote to take away our choices. I wait to hear our fate.

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