From Natasha, Germany

01 January 2020

Natasha, Augsburg, Germany

1. What brought you to the place? My mum has loved in Munich for very 20 years. I wanted to study German law for my Masters (LLM) and be close to her. 2) Where did I move from? Aberdeen, Scotland in 2014. Originally from Edinburgh (DOB: 04/91). 3) one thing about my life here? I live in Augsburg but work in Munich at an international law firm. The quality of life is very high here and even thought there is a lot of bureaucracy and high taxes, citizens are treated fairly. I have been very lucky to benefit from freedom of movement and hope my German citizenship is granted so that I can continue living here without problems or far from discrimination as a 'third country national'. Other than that I get to ski in the Alps every weekend :). From Natasha (28 years). Total time in Germany (with breaks between): 14 years.