From Naomi, Germany

01 January 2020

Naomi, Germany

Dear Postcards from the British in EU, my name is Naomi and I am 24 years old and was born to British parents living in Germany. I went back to the UK in 2014 to study politics thinking I was going home- only to face major culture shock. Once my degree was finished I moved back to Munich, to move to a more European minded country and to apply for dual nationality. My life in Germany is bilingual, able to speak both German and English often. Living in Germany means I am easily able to cross borders - a weekend spent in Austria is easy. I have also been able to keep m European identity! I am very fortunate to have this as many do not. Purely an accident of birth.


This postcard is one of several collated as part of collaboration between Dr Michaela Benson and the Migration Museum. A selection of these appears in the Postcards from the British in Europe installation in Departures, the museum's current exhibition exploring four centuries of emigration from Britain, bringing Britain’s emigration story and its emigrants into the national conversation about migration