From Lin, France, February 2019

01 February 2019

Lin, Bretagne, France

My home is here in Bretagne. I’ve owned my maison since 2004. I been here full time living & working, paying into society since 2012. Now we are faced with having to apply for a residency card Carte d`Sejour… this is straightforward and free, if you have the correct paperwork for the system, but not for all. I had cancer in 2014 so have a low income as a micro entrepreneur for several years in my recovery stage. I’ve been refused a CDS twice. I’m now having to go to court to fight this. I’m Lucky I have support of ECAS and a pro-bono lawyers, otherwise this would be out of the question. There are many many more Brits here in France who will struggle to get a card… some have already been sent back to UK with nothing and no one to help them. We feel like the forgotten … the #CollateralDamage … #BrexitIsPersonal we are British citizens too ….. But we don’t blame the French this… #BrexitShambles was made in UK…. We appear to be …. “the citizens of Nowhere”


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Lin in Bretagne