From Ian, Sweden, October 2017

01 October 2017

Ian, Skåne, Sweden

Öresund Valborg - I took the picture of a Valborg celebration this year from the shore of Malmö looking out beyond the fire and over the Öresund bridge towards the sun setting over Copenhagen. The image captures so much about the life I lead and love in Skåne - Valborg is the Swedish celebration of the coming of spring on the 30th April each year by setting bonfires, as they have done for centuries.
In the background is the Öresund bridge which my dad helped build in the 1990s, and over which I commute everyday to my job in Copenhagen. The colours and shades reflect the way I feel about my life in Europe right now - the bridge would not have been built, nor would I have got a job in a foreign country where I do not live, if it were not for the EU.


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