From Ellie, Portugal, September 2017

01 September 2017

Ellie, Lisbon, Portugal

During the summer my actual favourite place was undergoing works and was inaccessible. However, during the summer months and up until November Lisbon city council ran a campaign to highlight inclusivity and diversity amongst the citizens to reflect how the city is becoming more cosmopolitan and wishes to take advantage of the reputation of being an inclusive, open city. While the individual posters could be found on kiosks and bus stops, the collection here are taken in front of Paços do Concelho, the central city hall building and, while the rest of Lisbon is regenerating and changing (my favourite spot included) the message and mission of the city council was reassuring despite all of the change that Lisbon is facing (which is positive but feels like its hard to keep up with) and Brexit-related stress.


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