Anon, France

01 January 2020

Anon, Aigues Mortes, France

My whole family migrated from London to Spain after my father was made redundant from The Strand. I was only 10 and schooled at the only British school near to where my parents had a beachfront hotel. At 18 I spent 3 months in Montpellier (France) & fell in love with the place. For the last ten years my husband and I have a business in Aigues Mortes, a medieval walled city which receives visits from all over the world. :)


This postcard is one of several collated as part of collaboration between Dr Michaela Benson and the Migration Museum. A selection of these appears in the Postcards from the British in Europe installation in Departures, the museum's current exhibition exploring four centuries of emigration from Britain, bringing Britain’s emigration story and its emigrants into the national conversation about migration