From Faye, Italy, August 2016

01 August 2016

Faye in Foligno, Italy

It has taken me all this time to reply because every time I thought I’d nailed the reasons I love living here; beauty, peace, community, etc it didn’t seem to quite capture the real essence but I think I’ve got it! The photo is of my husband’s family home from before he was born, when his mum and dad were young and in the photo, his nan and grandad when they were younger. What I love about Foligno is the fact that it brings out the best in me. There’s a connection everybody has with the place, their homes and each other and that connection brings out kindness, compassion, caring, empathy, love and a sense that we should look after one another. It exemplifies and pushes to the forefront our common unity, highlighting that we are all human and basically just the same. We all want to be happy and enjoy life and its completely normal that to get there we need help and from family, friends and the community.


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Faye in Italy