From Mavis and Bob, France

01 January 2020

Mavis and Bob, Ceret, France

We moved from Croscombe, an idyllic Somerset village in 2002. We were so fed up with the miserable UK weather and so headed south. Purely by chance we alighted in Ceret, an idyllic French town of a population of just under 8000 people. So, my husband was 68 and I as 63 and everyone said it was a huge step. Not so, we have loved every minute of the almost 18 years. My husband joined the local French/ Catalan choir and I am a volunteer at the only charity shop. We have maintained contact with many friends in Croscombe. In 2002 we were the only English people in our street, but now there are more and more.

Mavis and Bob

This postcard is one of several collated as part of collaboration between Dr Michaela Benson and the Migration Museum. A selection of these appears in the Postcards from the British in Europe installation in Departures, the museum's current exhibition exploring four centuries of emigration from Britain, bringing Britain’s emigration story and its emigrants into the national conversation about migration